11. MetaControls, Meta DataGrids, and the Drafts
Introduction to Meta DataGrids
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Generated DataGrid Objects
Although the concept is known as a Meta DataGrid... the generated DataGrid objects in and of itself is just a subclass of the actual QDataGrid object. (Note that this is different than a MetaControl, which is not a control, but is in fact a single data object and a collection of controls that can be generated from and linked to it.)

A generated/meta datagrid is simply a QDataGrid with a bunch of Meta___() methods to allow you to easily define and add columns for a given data class.

Using simple string properties or more complex (and more powerful) Qcodo Query Nodes, you can add any column (even columns from linked tables) to the datagrid, and the meta-functionality will automatically take care of things like the column's Title, Html, and Sorting properties.

It even comes with its own MetaDataBinder(), and the datagrid is already set up to use that as its databinder (but of course, even this is override-able).

But again, similar to MetaControls, note that the datagrid is just a regular QDataGrid object, and the columns are just regular QDataGridColumn objects, which means that you can modify the colums or the datagrid itself however you see fit.
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