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This is a collection of many small examples that demonstrate the functionality in Qcodo. Later examples tend to build upon functionality or concepts that are discussed in prior ones, which allows the Examples site to be viewed as a quasi-tutorial. However, you should still feel free to check out any of the examples as you wish.

The Examples are broken into three main parts: the Code Generator, the QForm and QControl Library, and Other Qcodo Functionality.

* Some of the examples (marked with a "*") use the Examples Site Database. This database (which consists of six tables and some preloaded sample data) is included in the Examples Site directories. See Basic CodeGen > About the Database for more information.
The Code Generator is at the heart of the Model in the MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture. It uses the data model you have defined to create all your data objects, relationships and CRUD functionality.

Sections 1 - 3 look specifically at the Code Generator, the Object Relational Model it creates, and the Qcodo Query library which powers it.

1. Basic CodeGen - An introduction to the Qcodo Code Generator

2. More About the Object Relational Model - Looking more in depth at the functionality of the generated ORM

3. Querying in Qcodo - Ad Hoc Queries, Custom Load Methods, and Qcodo Query

For more information, please go to the Qcodo website at http://www.qcodo.com/

If you have questions, comments or issues, you can discuss them in the forums at the Examples Site Forum