11. MetaControls, Meta DataGrids, and the Drafts
Introduction to the Drafts
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Integrating QForms and the Code Generator
When you code generate your objects, Qcodo will actually provide a starting point for this integration in the generated Drafts. These generated scripts are definitely drafts or starting points from which you can create more elaborate, useful and functional QForms or QPanels for your application.

At a high level, this concept is very similar to the scaffolding which is provided by many other frameworks. But note that because of the object-oriented approach of the MetaControls and Meta DataGrids, these Drafts can offer much more power and functionality over scaffolding.

It is difficult to show this in a one-page example, so if you would like to see this in action, we recommend that you check out Demo Part II in the Qcodo Demos and Examples.
To view one of the generated Form Drafts, please click here to view the Person List page.