12. Beyond HTML
* Introduction to QRssFeed
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Setting Up an RSS Feed
The QRssFeed class can be used to create an RSS 2.0-compliant XML feed. For more information about RSS 2.0, please view the official RSS 2 Specification. (Yes, it goes to a Harvard Law School server. Why Harvard Law School hosts the RSS 2.0 Specification is completely beyond us. But they do. =)

The QRssFeed and its associated classes should be pretty self-explanatory. The public properties map directly to the fields of the RSS message, itself. When your feed object is complete, you can call the Run method to output the feed.

For purposes of this example, we've also added the appropriate <link> tag on this rss.php to inform web browsers of the availability of the RSS feed. Please run or view the code for rss_feed.php to view QRssFeed in action.
To view an example RSS feed of the Examples Site Projects, please run rss_feed.php.