8. Advanced Controls Manipulation
* Datagrid with Inline Editing
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Creating a QDataGrid with Inline Editing
Using the techniques for dynamically creating controls and utilizing the AJAX features in Qcodo, we update our Person datagrid to include functionality for inline editing.

We must first add a $intEditPersonId in the QForm to keep track of which Person (if any) we are currently editing. We then must define the First and Last Name QTextBoxes, as well as Save and Cancel QButtons. Note that we only need to define one of each, because only one Person can be edited at a time. The textboxes have QEscapeKeyEvents defined on them to perform a "Cancel", and the "Save" button is set to be a PrimaryButton. This allows the textboxes to be sensitive to the Enter and Escape keys for saving and cancelling, respectively.

We also define render methods for each of the columns to properly display either the name or the QTextBox, depending on the row we are rendering and which Person we are editing.

And finally, we add a btnNew at the bottom to allow the user to create new Person objects. If they want to create a new person, the $intEditPersonId is set to -1, and we get the datagrid to basically act as if it's editing a blank person.
Person ID Sorted First Name Last Name Edit
1 Teo Dirac
2 Kendalll Jenner
3 Ben Robinson
4 Mike Ho
5 Alejnadro Smith
6 Wendy jose
7 Karen Wolfe
8 Samantha prueba
9 Linda Brady
10 Jennifer Smith
11 Brett Smiths
12 Jacob Pratt
13 wdt t
14 w w
15 w wwwgggggggg
16 asd asd
17 sdfsdf sdfsdfsdf
18 kalle kula
19 df df