7. Paginated Controls
* QDataGrid Pagination
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Adding Pagination to Your QDataGrid
Now, we will add pagination to our datagrid.

In order to enable pagination, we need to define a QPaginator object and assign it to the QDataGrid. Because the QPaginator will be rendered by the QDataGrid (instead of being rendered on the form via a $this->objPaginator->Render() call), we will set the QDataGrid as the QPaginator's parent in the QPaginator constructor call.

In the locally defined dtgPersons_Bind method, in addition to setting the datagrid's DataSource, we also give the datagrid the TotalItemCount (via a Person::CountAll call). And finally, when we make the Person::LoadAll call, we make sure to pass in the datagrid's LimitClause, which will pass the paging information into our LoadAll call to only retrieve the items on the page we are currently viewing.
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Person ID First Name Last Name Sorted
16 asd asd
9 Linda Brady
11 Brett Carlisle
1 Maria1 dos Santos Perez
4 Mike Ho
2 Kendalll Jenner
6 Wendy jose
12 Jacob Pratt
8 Samantha prueba
3 Ben Robinson
5 Alejnadro Smith
10 Jennifer Smith
13 t t
14 w w
7 Karen Wolfe
15 w wwwgggggggg