7. Paginated Controls
* Creating Your Own Custom QDataGrid Subclass
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Customizing the QDataGrid subclass
All QDataGrids, by default, can be customized by altering the QDataGrid custom subclass in /includes/qform/QDataGrid.inc. This class extends from the QDataGridBase class which is in the Qcodo core.

In the subclass, you can feel free to override rendering methods, including GetPaginatorRowHtml, GetHeaderRowHtml, GetDataGridRowHtml and GetFooterRowHtml.

In our example below, we have defined a PaginatorAlternate (so that we can render 2 paginators for this single datagrid), then set ShowFooter to true, and then finally implemented our own custom GetFooterRowHtml method (which basically just calls GetPaginatorRowHtml with the PaginatorAlternate object.
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